Lessons Learned from a Losing Forex Trade

fundamental analysis



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It is important to remember that not every trade is going to be a winner. Anyone that tells you every trade they take is a winner is lying to you. When you do have losing trades it is important to take notes and learn from it in order to help you avoid it in the future. Some people say that you learn more from your losing trades then you do from your winning trades. In this live trading example on the UK unemployment figures things did not go as expected. I was anticipating a large drop in the GBPUSD after the figures were released. As you can see in this video though the GBPUSD pair did not drop as expected. Thankfully though through sound risk management I was able to limit my losses to just 5 pips. Tom Franklin at takes Forex risk management seriously and is dedicated to helping new traders learn the ropes. Join the Free Springboardyourtrading Facebook group to learn a few things about trading Forex using Fundamental Analysis.