From Down and Out to up 105% in 12 months

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Hi Traders, I recently had the pleasure sitting down with one of our successful students, Wayne Theron. Wayne has been trading for over 15 years and up until a year ago just wasn't able to be stable and consistent. After taking SpringBoard Your Trading's Learn to Trade the News course and participating in mentoring sessions with Tom Franklin he drastically changed his trading results. In the past 12 months Wayne is up over 105% simply by learning fundamental analysis and applying it successfully to his Forex Trading. This video is a testimony to the powers of Fundamental Analysis and the impacts understanding news events trading can have on your Forex, Futures, CFD, and even Stock trading. Listen along as we discuss what Wayne took away from our news trading course and how he used it to improve his trading over the past 12 months. Make sure to check out for more information. Happy trading, Tom Franklin