Tips for streamers

Before you create a video please read our house rules in order for you to understand our regulations.

The following tips are intended to help the streamer’s channel be more attractive; to gain additional viewers; to improve the quality of videos and streams and what is advised to indicate on his/her profile.

How can I get more viewers?

To provide quality broadcast you need to have a good microphone, make sure you have a proper internet speed and resolution of video is suggested to be minimum HD720p. Please be aware the maximum size of an uploaded video could not be over 1.5 GB.

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The more information you provide about yourself the more chance you have to raise people’s interest. You can create an introduction on the “about me” page in profile settings. Please give a few words about yourself, how did you get to know stock exchange, how long have you been doing it, etc…

Be consistent! Write down when are you usually trading.

Consistency is a must! Just like when people turn on the TV to watch their favourite show at the same given time each night, you need to let your viewers know when will you be available on livedaytrade. Regardless that you are streaming in the early morning or at late night the important thing is to keep yourself to the same time period and show this on your profile, and on the social sites.

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In the “messages” tab you are receiving notifications of the comments you have gotten. Be aware of your notifications and try to act upon most of them as this can help you to build reputation within your viewers.

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When will videos have fees?

In order to claim money for your videos you need to reach lvl 10 first. Tutorial videos are exceptions because they can be set regardless of levels.

In these two video types your dividend is set upon your level and the number of your viewers. Ergo the higher your level and the more viewers you have got the more dividend you will receive. Read more information about withdrawal and the amount of dividend here.

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You are able to set the price of your own tutorial videos up to 2000$ and 50% of that you will receive as a dividend. It is important to keep in mind when pricing your video that the price shall be relevant to the quality of the context, and the level of knowledge in the video.

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One advice is that the title shouldn’t be long; unique; informative and to the point. The search engine is looking for the titles and tags as well so the text advised to be different then the titles.

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Tags are helping to narrow down the video search. These tags are functioning as keywords that you can set a maximum of 4, thus it is important to make them as relevant as they can and not to make them too long.

For example, if you are trading on EUR/USD and you would like to trade upon the non-farm payroll news, you should give the following tags: EUR/USD, NFP, news trading.

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The description can consist of a maximum 1000 characters, here you can write what will be your activity, what sort of trading’s can we expect from you.

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You can set a cover photo each time you are creating a video. This will be the image that users will see when browsing for videos. This will be your “business card” that will differentiate you from others streamers. The more unique your picture will be the more visual you will be according to others.

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You have the ability to earn experience points that will represent your level. These points can be earnt by the reviews of your uploaded videos and the highest level to be reached is 100. Each video is related on a scale of 1 to 10, but you will only level up after points bigger then 5.

On your profile you are able to see your overall points and level; also you can check how many points do you need to level up. The higher your level is the more dividend you will get after your videos. You can check our dividend system here.

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Live stream

A live stream could not be longer than 5 hours. If your video duration has exceeded the upload limit it is recommended to split it to several videos and number them. This might happen if managing your position is taking several days to you.

Notifications (PING) & diary – Please download our app from here (LDT for iOS & Android)

You are able to send notifications to your followers during a live stream, which helps you to let your followers know when are you streaming and what are you doing currently on the market. These notifications will build up to a diary beneath your videos so that it will be easier to your followers to see instantly what has happened during streaming. (eg. 5:21 enter at market – broken trend line). You can comment under your events allowing the followers to know the reasoning behind your acts. Noting down these events is not bound to the time of the live stream, meaning if your trading becomes really intense, you will have the opportunity to create these later.

The following events can be used during a live stream:

  • event-buy-icon event-sell-iconEnter at market ( buy or sell )
  • event-pending-order-iconNew Pending Order
  • event-order-cancelled-iconOrder Cancelled
  • event-closed-at-market-iconClosed at market
  • event-stop-loss-modified-iconSL modified
  • event-take-profit-modified-iconTP modified
  • event-stop-loss-actived-iconSL hit
  • event-take-profit-actived-iconTP hit
  • event-take-profit-actived-iconNew Live Stream

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There are two main categories short -, and long-term trading. We would like to keep the streams up to date, thus each uploaded video will become available for everyone after certain period of time. The trading style determines when will each given video will become free, archived. Your profile will show the free most commonly used trading styles of yours that will give an additional information.

The following styles can be chosen:

Short-term trading styles which last for a week:

  • Scalper
  • Day trader
  • News trader
  • Other

Long-term trading styles which last for 3 weeks:

  • Swing trader
  • Position trader
  • Long term trader
  • Investor
  • Other

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Tips for creating analysis

We differentiate three types of analysis.

Technical analysis, that only pays attention to changes in price because this shows the supply and demand. This ignores everything else.

Fundamental analysis, which concentrates especially on real-economy and does not take the technical analysis of the markets into consideration. Events that have an indirect effect on the stock market, eg.: whether (commodities), politics, war, technological innovation, natural disaster, IPO-s, etc…

Fundamental & Technical analysis, are the ones that includes both above mentioned methods.

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Choosing the timeframe determines how long will a video will stay up to date as long as you have selected to set a fee for your video. It might happen that you need to examine several timeframes thus the maximum to be chosen is 3 and the highest will determine the amount of time your videos takes up to date.

The analysis will stay up to date according the following timeframes:

H1 or below: the analysis stays valid for 1 day

H4: stays valid for 7 days

D1: stays valid for 2 weeks

W1: stays valid for 5 weeks

M1: stays valid for 3 months

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Tutorial videos

The tutorial videos were meant to pass the knowledge from one to another thus helping to learn from each past experiences. You are free to set a fee and share these contents regardless of your level. For each upload you can link a peak or a promo video. This is intended to help promoting the streamers and to help inform their viewers. A tutorial content can consist of several videos. If it is needed it can be extended to several lessons by clicking on the “add video” button. You can give them a separate title and also a description and a peek video.

You can select 5 types of tutorial videos:

Beginner: Content for beginners whom are only getting to know stock exchange.

Intermediate: For those that are already know the basics.

Expert: For those whom are already at the advanced level.

Full course: A video that explains a full concept from the beginning to the end.

Trading Strategy: Teaching different trading strategies.

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You can make your tutorial videos free and you are also able to set the price for them regardless of your level. You will get 50% of dividend after your priced videos, and the highest price that can be set is $2000. It is expedient to set a competitive price according to the actual value of the video content.

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