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of every purchase and subscription is paid as a dividend!

What is the basis of my dividend?

Live Trade



Free or payable content You choose You choose You choose
LVL 10 is required for a dividend YES YES NO
Payable videos will become free overtime YES YES NO
Video prices can be set freely NO NO YES
Dividend % 50%
depends on view count and lvl
depends on view count and lvl
from purchase
Requirements for watching a video Any kind of subscription Any kind of subscription Single purchase

On LIVEDAYTRADE.COM every streamer is free to decide whether to set a price for their videos or give them for free.

  • If you don’t want a dividend everybody can watch your videos for free which will help your trading partners to develop their skills.
  • If you would like to get a dividend, your videos will only be available for those who buy subscription at LIVEDAYTRADE. Videos with price will become free overtime. Read more about this here.

If you are sharing useful information and knowledge with your videos to those that are interested in stock exchange than you will gain more viewers. The more subscribers watching your videos the more dividend you will get.

On LIVEDAYTRADE.COM the knowledge between the streamers are differentiated by levels. The level is on a scale of 1 to 100 and only streamers that are above level 10 will get paid. This is needed to filter the ones with incorrect knowledge and to help the more prepared ones to get more dividend. Read more about our rating system here.

The level of the steamer is regardless when uploading tutorial videos.

In every case the uploader decides how much does he or she wants for the given TUTORIAL video. We are paying 50% dividend after each TUTORIAL VIDEO purchase.

We are tracking each subscriber to check what streams did they watch and how many times did they watch it during the subscription period. This gives the basis of sharing 50% of the subscription between those streamers whom videos got watched.

The size of the dividend is up to 2 things.

  • 1) level of streamer
  • 2) number of views

50% dividend will be paid between the streamers

Group by LVL Group A: LVL 10-40 Group B: LVL 41-70 Group C: LVL 71-100
Group % 20% 30% 50%
Budget 15 USD 22,50 USD 37,50 USD


Streamer Group A
LVL 10-40

  • Streamer I, 5 views
  • Streamer II, 10 views

Streamer Group B
LVL 41-70

  • Streamer III, 3 views

Streamer Group C
LVL 71-100

  • Streamer IV, 3 views
  • Streamer V, 1 view
  • Streamer VI, 11 views


Group A: LVL 10-40 Group B: LVL 41-70 Group C: LVL 71-100
Budget 15 USD 22,50 USD 37,50 USD
All views/group 15 3 15
View value 1 USD 7,5 USD 2,5 USD


We will share 50% of every dividend between those streamers which had at least one view on their payed content.

The paid dividend will be shared as follows:

  • Group A: between LVL10-40 20%
  • Group B: between LVL41-70 30%
  • Group C: between LVL71-100 50%

If from a given group the subscriber only watches videos from a single streamer (pics: STREAMER III) we will credit the whole budget for that streamer. If the subscriber watched videos from several streamers from within the same group the whole budget will be divided by the number of total views which will give us the amount of dividend to be paid per view.

It is visible that the dividend will be higher if the streamer has a higher level or has more views than others. This is why it is so important to constantly provide quality content.

When will my dividend get credited?

If you are uploading a tutorial video we will credit 50% after each purchase. It will get credited the 15th day following the purchase.

The dividend after your analysis and live streams will get credited once your viewer’s subscription expires.


You can find your current balance in profile menu under “wallet” which you can withdraw to your own bank account at any time. In order to do this you need to fill out the payment request. We only pay dividend by bank transfer.

The minimum amount to be withdrawn is USD100.

The international bank transfer charge is USD20 and to be paid by the beneficiary.